The website for the Detroit 2016 Auto Show. A host of custom post types and features, all maintainable by the client, as well as a clean, responsive design.

Client had several interesting requests that we address. First, the client wanted to integrate an external RSS feed of press releases into the site and display them alongside regular posts. We addressed this by automatically scraping the feed for new (and old) items and converting them into custom Wordpress posts.

Second, the client wanted a way to update the same link throughout the website without having to hunt them all down. We solved this by creating a custom Resource post type which holds a title and link. The client can create a resource, place it around the site, update the link in the resource, and see it reflected across the site. Resource links can also be distributed in emails and the like.

Third, the client wanted a simple way to place certain two seperate areas of the site behind seperate passwords. We implemented feature in addition to giving the client a way to control which pages are protected and how redirects work.

98% the content and functionality you see on the site is updatable through the dashboard, reducing the client's need for us to help them update the site and incurr additional costs and delays.